The company was founded by my father Otto Weber in 1933. In those days it was possible to start manufacturing by engaging several home weavers without having to invest in our own machinery.

Predominantly, braces, sleeve- and sock garters were manufactured due to a high demand for these products in the market. Our offices were then based in Wilhelm-Hedtmann-Strasse, in Langerfeld, while the outfitting was done by external parties. There were various companies which specialised in finishing.

During the last bomb attack over Wuppertal in World War 2, the office building was totally destroyed and my father had to find a new location from where he could run the business and he found these co-locating with business friends.



After the war, we invested in new machinery in order to build up an independent production. My father hired ribbon weavers who he had known previously and in 1951 the first apprentice started to learn the trade from scratch – this exercise was repeated in the following years in order to lower the average age of the workforce, as the older workers were long past retirement age and the middle age structure was missing.

In 1954 the existing offices had become too small and my father decided to buy the office building and factory floor at its current location, Thueringer Strasse in Langerfeld – new weaving looms were purchased for the increased floor space, as the economy was booming during those years.

During the late 60s and early 70s the first fast-running weaving looms were purchased in Italy and Switzerland. Major investment into this type of machinery started during this period and resulted in major turmoil among the local ribbon producing industry. The faster machinery was supplying quantities which the market could not find any demand for and many ribbon weaving factories in Wuppertal went bankrupt.

We survived this difficult period by implementing several measures – new target groups in the fashion and shoe industry were found and success returned in the mid 70s.

Change occurred again in the 80s when some of our customers started to move their own production abroad and again in the 90s when cycle times became shorter and shorter.

We expanded our product portfolio in order to continue to serve the market and extended our range to customised products for occupational safety, the medical/ rehabilitation sector and the automotive industry and manufactured these products ourselves, which was much appreciated by our customers.


We continuously look for new target industries and this strategy has helped us grow over the last years.

Our main goal for the future is to look after our current customers by applying the highest quality standards and deliver on time as well as acquiring new customer segments and applications.